Friday, August 15, 2013

Med ball drills

Med ball drills

Workout of the Day

Spend some time making your weaknesses your strengths!

7 rounds for time of:
7 Clean and jerks (115/ 75)
7 Burpee box jumps (24 / 20)

WTF?! Why exercise and eat healthy food when you can have a patch stitched to your tongue in order to make you eat less? That surgeon needs a good old fashioned punch to the mouth. Tongue Patch Surgery a New Extreme Method for Weight – ABC Nightline

Are you “right brained” or “left brained”? According to these researchers, that notion is a myth. Researchers Debunk Myth of“Right-Brained” and “Left-Brained” Personality Traits– Newswise

Heavy strength training optimizes running and cycling performance, new study shows – NCBI

Good lecture by CrossFit founder Greg Glassman:

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