About Us

CrossFit Forte is independently owned and operated by Coaches Evan Beach and Katelyn Colvin. We opened our doors September of 2012 on Fogg Street but relocated to 930 5th Ave South in September of 2013 to accommodate our flourishing community. We have nine other talented coaches on the Forte team; you can read more about them by selecting COACHES.

What separates us from the rest?

“CrossFit” (which is defined as constantly varied, functional movement done at a high intensity) the most effective and fun workout regimen in the world. Period.  There are a lot of CrossFit gyms out there; however, not all CrossFit programming/ gyms/ coaches are equal.

First of all, our programming is specifically designed to improve your fitness in all capacities.  We want you to be strong, fast, and have killer endurance and stamina. We also want you to be active (hopefully with us) for years to come.  Because we have an eye on your long-term body wellness, we program to address common “gaps” in fitness training to assure longevity.  We include group mobility in every class, offer special mobility-only classes on Sunday, and have personal mobility assessment and retraining sessions available on-site with a licensed physical therapist (Doc/ Coach Ben).  Our bodies are designed to move well through the movements we do in class, but spending long hours hunched over your keyboard, wearing high-heels, or sitting in a car means we need to spend some time undoing the bad positions in which we’ve put our bodies; mobility work helps us do this.

Besides mobility, we program strength work into the majority of our sessions.  Strength training is key to maintaining and increasing bone density and muscle mass; it is also crucial to creating and maintaining the muscular support you need around your joints to be able to do all those cool CrossFit things you’ve seen on TV.  Pull ups, handstand push-ups, Olympic Lifting,  and even running:  without strength work and muscular support, your joints will wear out and eventually start causing pain and injuries.

Besides intelligent, purposeful programming, you will also find our passion for CrossFit and our community means we are constantly striving for self-improvement.  Among our coaches, you will find  engaging, educated, and fun leaders who continue to pursue their education as coaches to be better for their athletes.  Although many of them have other full-time jobs, their dedication brings a contagious excitement which their athletes can see and feel every day in class.  We also consistently reinvest back into our facilities and equipment to provide the very best we can for our members.

Lastly, because our mission is to enhance our clients’ lives through fitness, nutrition, and community, you will find the “services” we offer extend far beyond the workout class which you attend.  From nutrition counseling and challenges, community-building social events, and supporting our athletes in outside events and professional endeavors, CrossFit Forte is a platform through which our members can find a network of people to encourage them in their fitness goals and beyond.