Monday, February 15, 2021

Due to the inclement weather and unsafe road conditions, classes are canceled today.

Today was also the day we were supposed to host the American Red Cross to do the blood drive…very bummed about this in particular. We will let you know about rescheduling this. 

Workout of the Day

We were supposed to be testing our Front Squats today. There have been so many 5RM and 3RM Personal Records, I was getting excited to see what was in store for the almighty 1 Rep Max. Hopefully we can resume Tuesday. Fingers crossed.

Below is a workout I’ve done dozens of times over the years. It is one of my go-to workouts when I’m traveling and stuck in a hotel room, or when I’m strapped for time and just want to get my heart rate up, breath heavily, and sweat.
You need little space, zero equipment, not a lot of time, and if you’re free from orthopedic injuries, very little (if any) warm up is needed.

Every minute, for 20 minutes:
10 burpees

Get the burpees done as quickly as you can, then rest and recoup and get ready to repeat. If you are moving FAST, you should be looking at 30 seconds or less of work. Try to be consistent with your times for all 20 minutes.

If in the first 10 minutes or so, the burpees are taking you close to 40 seconds and you are feeling gassed, simply cut the reps down by 2 or 3. Or, if you know right off the bat that 10 is a bit of a reach for you, start with a lower number of reps.

Contrarily, if you are a Burpee Beast, and are getting the 10 reps done between 20-25 seconds and want to scale up and challenge yourself a bit more, try 11 reps, 12 reps, 13 reps, 14 reps, or even 15(!) reps on the minute.

It’s a lot of burpees today, so practice perfect movement to ingrain proper movement patterns into that brain of yours!
-Keep elbows close and forearms vertical (think proper push-up position)
-Ideally you jump back into a plank, and jump back to standing (as opposed to lunging back and forward) but do what works for you
-Your feet should always land completely flat and at a width that is approximate to your squat stance
-When you land with your feet flat, you should also try to land with your legs extended (think landing in a power clean position vs a squat clean position)
-Extend the hips fully at the top and touch your hands together overhead

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