Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Erin M

Erin M

Workout of the Day

Shoulder Press 5 x 5 (2.5 – 5 lbs heavier than last session)

AMRAP in 10 minutes of:
16 Kettlebell clean + push press – 8 each arm, broken up however (53 / 35) (clean demo, push press demo)
40 Double-unders

HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT: we are moving! We just signed a lease to a spot on 930 5th Ave S, about .5 mile from where we currently are. It’s also 7,700 square feet. To give you an idea, our current place, from wall to wall, is 2,500 sq feet. Much more room to do activities! Thanks for the support!

Squat Clinic – A classic article on the benefits of the squat – CrossFit Journal

Considering doing the Paleo Challenge but are worried about cholesterol? Read this: The Incredible, edible egg yolk – Chris Masterjohn, PHD (there’s a ton of good info in the comments section, too)

Speaking of eggs, do any of you eat them like this?

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