Summer Throwdown 2018


Sprint Chipper Volume 2

Partner A completes the following for time:

20/12 Calories on Assault Bike
40 ft Walking Lunge w/ DBs in Front Rack (50s/35s)
20 Handstand Push-ups
40 ft Walking Lunge w/ DBs in Front Rack
20/12 Calories Assault Bike

As soon as Partner A completes the above, Partner B goes – Relay Style.
Score will be the time it takes both partners.
13 minute cap.

14/9 Calories on Assault Bike
40 ft Walking Lunge w/ DBs in Front Rack (35s/20s)
20 Deficit Push-ups w/ Hands on DBs
40 ft Walking Lunge w/ DBs in Front Rack
14/9 Calories Assault Bike


“Rowed to Victory”

The following is a two-part workout:

Part A.
9 Minutes to:
Row As Many Meters As Possible

-right into-

Part B.
9 Minutes to:
Establish a Max Clean

Part A Rules and Standards:
-Teams will have only one rower and only one person may be rowing at a time.
-The monitor on the rower will remain on for the duration of the 9 minutes.
-Teammates may switch out however they choose.
There will be TWO SCORES for Part A.
1) Total meters rowed in 9 minutes
2) 100/80 calories for time

Part B Rules and Standards:
-At minute 9:00, athletes will be allowed to start Part B: 9:00 minutes to establish a max clean.
-Each team will be given one barbell and a standard assortment of weights.
-One athlete will be allowed to lift at a time.
-Weights can be increased or decreased as desired.
-Power cleans, squat cleans, and split cleans are all allowed.
-Hang variations of the clean are NOT allowed.
The score will be total combined weight cleaned as a team.

Event 3

For total reps:
2 minutes of Handstand Walking
2 minutes of Power Snatches (105 / 70)
2 minutes of Chest to Bar Pull-ups
2 minutes of Overhead Squats (105 / 70)
2 minutes of Double-unders
-Immediately into-
400m Run for time

Scaled: Bear Crawling, 80 / 50 lbs, pull-ups, single-unders
(scaled may also do power cleans, jumping pull-ups, and front squats instead of the above movements, but will not place higher than the athletes who do not alter the above movements, regardless of reps accumulated.)

This workout will be comprised of SIX INDIVIDUAL SCORES. Each two minutes AMRAP will be scored for reps, and the run will be scored for time.


1) Handstand Walk and Bear Crawl:
each mat traversed will count as 1 rep. Every time you break/kick down/lose balance, you will be required to start back to the previous mat.

2) Athletes MUST tag out before moving on to the following movement.

3) Athletes may stop working before the two minutes is up, but may not begin working on the next movement until the next two minutes begin.

4) For the 400m run, Athletes will be “tethered” together via a rope they are holding.