Open Intramural Teams

2019 CrossFit Forte Open Intramural

By signing up for the Open, our members will automatically be signed up for an intramural competition. If you do not want to be on a team, please reach out to Katelyn to let her know.  Depending on the number of participating athletes, we will designate 4-6 team captains to draft athletes to their Open teams.  By creating the intramural competition within our gym, we can make the Open  less about where you rank in the world and make it more about contributing to your team.  We hope you take this opportunity to stretch yourself as an athlete and as a community member!

Team Draft
4-6 captains will meet for a closed draft on Wednesday, February 21st.  They will be choosing from the list of athletes who are signed up for the CrossFit Open and have chosen CrossFit Forte as their gym.  Members who are not signed up before 5:30 PM on the 21st will be assigned to teams by Master of the Games (Katelyn).

Team scores will have two components to it each week.  

    • Teams are given 1 point for every athlete who submits their workout score to the Games site
    • Teams are given 1 extra point for every athlete who finishes within the top three Rx women or top three Rx men in the gym per workout.

Teams are given 10 points if they win a bonus category below:
*Force for Families Team Fundraising– Team members can fund raise under their team name or as an individual to contribute to the overall total.

*Team Spirit– Show your team spirit on Saturday, March 23rd with a uniform, team theme, or any other way you can think of to show your unity  


Overall team placement will be determined by the sum of points awarded to the team.  The winning team will be the one with the highest overall score at the conclusion of the Open.

Due to the unpredictability of the Open workouts, we reserve the right to adjust scoring components as needed.  In these cases, captains will be consulted to assure we are as fair as possible.

Completing the Workout

FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS- Join us Friday, February 22nd starting at 6 PM to complete your first Open workout Friday Night Lights style! After the WOD is complete, we can jump over to New Heights for a little Happy Hour!

OTHER WEEKS PLEASE try to complete your workout Saturday or during Open Gym.   If you are unable to complete the WOD during these times, your ability to complete it during a regular class is subject to space and judge availability.  Do not consider it a given that there will be space or equipment available.  

Saturday morning will be set up with heat times (after the workout is announced).  Please RSVP for the heat in which you would like to participate.

Please consider hanging around to assist with judging before or after you complete your workout.  It is always needed and appreciated!

For those of you on 3/ week memberships, you can complete the workout on Saturday and it will not be counted towards your membership limits; Sunday attendance will count.

You are responsible for submitting your score onto the CrossFit Games site before the Monday cut off.  This is what gets your team participation points!

Winning team will win a private party at the Beach’s to celebrate.  Additionally, they will get bragging rights and their team name on the Intramural Open Plaque.

Tee Shirts
Forte Intramural tees and tanks are available for $20.  Orders must be placed by February 19th here.

Post-Open Celebration
Join us the last week of the Open to celebrate! Saturday, March 23rd after the last heats are completed, we will have a BBQ at the gym. Friends and family are welcome.  We will provide the burgers and hotdogs; feel free to bring a side dish to share and beverages of your choice!