How to Join

Your introduction to CrossFit begins with a complimentary “No-Sweat” consultation followed by a  3-session CrossFit Intro Course.* 

Contact Jake: [email protected] to schedule your one-on-one sessions.

We believe anyone can do CrossFit, but to be successful at CrossFit, you’ll need to learn and understand the key movements and we need to understand your goals and training preferences. We will start off by getting to know you and your goals at our No-Sweat consultation and then set you up for your first personal CrossFit Intro class.

Key movements will all be covered in detail during the CrossFit Intro course. We will also go over other foundational movements and exercises which are common in the CrossFit methodology such as: the olympic lifts,  plyometrics, kettlebell swings, medicine ball exercises, pull-ups, rowing, and other movements.

Additionally, you will be exposed to how things work at our gym, ways to scale and modify your workouts, and our expectations of you. We know this CrossFit Intro course is a lot to take in, but that’s OK. If you don’t remember everything you learned, remember we will be coaching you and reviewing each movement prior to every workout.

Your personal Intro classes are $75 each.  You can sign up for your No-Sweat consultation today by emailing [email protected]

*Additional CrossFit Intro classes may be required depending on your athletic background.