Monday, December 19, 2022

Everyone’s favorite Steakhouse should be their own House. If you don’t know how to cook, learn. Making and preparing your own food is probably one the most important things you can do for your health (as long as what you are making is good for you, obviously). Pic: skirt steak, purple sweet potato, lions mane/king oyster mushrooms, r*w milk, & flower for good vibes

How to help mitigate fat gain during the holidays:
It is almost Christmas, which means cookies and treats are likely to be ubiquitous wherever you go. A simple trick is to use up the real estate the sweets would otherwise use up. Try to fill yourself with whole food protein first, and then you can enjoy a treat or two or three without fearing you’ll over eat. I am not gonna be all “bah-humbug” and tell you to avoid them entirely (nothing wrong with doing that either, tho 😎), this is just a tactic you can use to avoid eating too much of the junk. Fill up on protein first, and it’ll be VERY difficult to over indulge on the sweets. This tactic is not limited to the Christmas season.

Workout of the Day

Front Squats (Clusters) at ~65%
Rest 2 minutes at ~75%
Rest 2 minutes at 85+%

Rest 30 seconds between your clusters, 2 minutes between percent increases

AMRAP in 12 minutes of:
12 Walking Lunges w DB Overhead (6R/6L)
10 DB Snatch (5R/5L)
8 Box Step-ups w DB (4R/4L)
6 Goblet Squat

Rx 50/35

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