Thursday, October 27, 2022

I saw this nutrition pyramid and I really liked it. What TRULY matters when it comes to nutrition? These five things are all wholly important. Read below ⬇️

In order of importance:
1) Energy Balance aka Calories – whether you are looking to lose fat or gain muscle, the number of calories you eat will always be at the top of the hierarchy
2) Macronutrients – what is the breakdown of protein, carbs, and fat?
3) Micronutrients – are the foods being consumed very nutrient dense (aka high in vitamins and minerals etc)
4) Nutrient Timing – at what time of day are these foods being consumed? Pre or post workout? Before bed or in the morning?
5) Supplements – how can you use supplemental vitamins, minerals, protein powders, herbs, etc to aid in your goals?

Workout of the Day

From 0:00-8:00
Row 500m/400m
60 Single Arm Thrusters (50 / 35)

From 8:00-16:00
Row 500m/400m
50 Toes to Bar

From 16:00-24:00
Row 500m/400m
40 Overhead Walking Lunge Steps (50 / 35)

From 24:00-32:00
Row 500m/400m
30 Handstand Push-ups

Each will be scored for time

Masters: 35/25, hand release push-ups
Rx+ 50/40 Calories,  70/50, strict HSPU

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