Wednesday, September 14, 2022

Love me some Watermelon! Crimson Sweet Watermelons. I will have gotten about 10 fairly large melons outta this guy. I planted this thing without really knowing what to expect, so I was pleasantly surprised with how much it’s yielded. Fastest growing plant I’ve ever encountered. (O2 there for size contrast.)

Fitness will be tested, fun will be had, and prizes will be won on Saturday, October 8th (8:30 AM- 1:30 PM).  We still need AT LEAST 9 PEOPLE to sign up, so if you’ve been dragging your feet, drag no further and go HERE.

Workout of the Day

Every 75 seconds, for 10 sets:
2 squat cleans at ~80-85%

Quickly build up to 80-85%,
then stay at that load for all 10 sets

AMRAP in 10 minutes of:
16-12-8-4-4-8-12-16 rep rounds of:
Power Cleans (155 / 105)
Over-the-Box Jumps* (24 / 20)

*clear/jump entirely over the box

Masters: 125 / 85, 20/16 (normal box jumps)
Rx+ 195 / 125, 30/24

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