Friday, March 4, 2022

Flowmaster Chuck with some tips on how to approach 22.2
It is going to be a good one! Deadlifts and Burpees LFG!

THE OFFICIAL DAY we are doing this is Saturday. We will have score cards, judges, etc, and it’ll be all-around more legit. If you plan on doing it Saturday, you should probably do one of two things: full rest day or active recovery day today (Friday), where you come to the gym and do some light cardio work or very light weightlifting, some stretching and mobilizing, etc.

If you are coming today (Friday) to do the workout because you can’t make it this weekend, try to coordinate with one of your buddies to help judge.

We will start Heat times on Saturday at 9:30 and we will run them every 30 minutes. They will be available to sign up for tomorrow afternoon.

FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS will be next Friday. Bring friends, food, and drinks. It is going to be FUN.

Please text me if you have any questions about anything | 414-614-6452

Workout of the Day

2022 CrossFit Games Open Workout 22.2
For time:
Deadlifts (225 / 155)
Bar Facing Burpees


Please read more about the other variations, and rules and standards HERE

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