Friday, October 8, 2021

For the Forte members competing on Saturday: check your email!
All the athlete pairings are there and a new workout is revealed!

If you are competing, you should use today (Friday), as an active recovery day. Come do some light running, skiing, rowing, biking, maybe some ROMWOD, or other mobility focused work. I highly advise you do something active.
Also, if you are new to competing, here are some helpful tips:
-Don’t try anything new. No new pre-workout, no new food, no new drinks, no new supplements, nothing new. Eat foods and drink liquids that you know agree with your gut. This includes the day and night before. Trust me on this. The last thing you want is to be dealing with stomach issues while working out.
-You will most likely not be hungry pre and post workouts, but you’ll likely perform better if you eat. Clean carbs, and clean protein is what you should emphasize. But again, choose foods you know don’t cause distress.
– Get lots of sleep the night before.
– Get you mindset right! Positive thoughts. Encouraging affirmations!
– I obviously want every to try hard and to try to win, but remember to have fun, too!

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