Wednesday, June 2, 2021

PROTEIN REMINDER! I’ll often make a protein shake with the above ingredients, especially if I reach the end of the day and I’ve not eaten enough earlier in the day, or simply as a meal replacement. It is VERY high in the MACROnutrient protein, and very high in MICROnutrients as well (vitamins and minerals). If I have a protein shake, it is almost always two scoops (~46 grams of protein). I also use Fairlife milk, because 1) it tastes phenomenal w milk, and 2) it’s much higher in protein and lower in sugar. I’ll also use fat free milk to keep the calories lower, BUT I will often replace the fat with two egg yolks, because they add a wonderful creamy texture and flavor, and it adds a TON of nutrition to my shake. The Nutrition Facts picture is of the milk and egg, so as you can see, this shake is teeming with nourishment. There are few foods on the planet that have as many micronutrients as eggs, specifically the yolks (it almost all comes from the yolk, so when I see people shun the yolks for the whites, they are missing out!). Eggs are seriously akin to a multi vitamin. Milk is pretty solid too. I also sometimes add Cacao Powder for a bunch of good plant medicines: antioxidants, flavanols, polyphenols, and it’s fairly high in vitamins and minerals to boot.

Quantity is important. Quality is important. Most people these days over eat, but at the same time they are malnourished, because the foods they over eat are virtually completely void of nutrition. 

So while I do my best to get 1 gram of protein per pound of bodyweight, I also focus equally on ingesting the most nutrient dense foods I can.

So the macro breakdown is: 78 grams of protein, 12 grams of fat, 24 grams of carbs (549 calories).

Workout of the Day

Shoulder Press
5 x 9 at ~65-75%

AMRAP in 16 minutes of:
10 Handstand Push-ups
10 Box Jump Overs (24 / 20)
10 Shoulder to Overhead (135 / 95)
10 Box Jump Overs

Rest exactly 1 minute after each round

Masters: L-seated DB strict presses, 20/16, 105/70
Rx+ strict, 165/110

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