Saturday, May 1, 2021

We are bringing Hero Workout Sunday’s back!¬† I am planning on selecting a random Sunday every upcoming month, along with a hero workout, and then we’ll meet at the gym at 9A and get situated and started by 9:30. It will not count towards your membership if you are 3 days a week. I also do not plan on scoring¬† or recording these, because your time is of little importance (you can do that on your own, if you so please). Honoring these Hero’s by suffering thru these long and brutal workouts, regardless of how fast you finish, is the objective. First one is this Sunday. 9 AM. Come and play.

Workout of the Day

In teams of two, with only one person working at a time, complete:

Twenty rounds of:
8 Thrusters (95 / 65)
4 Burpee Box Jumps (clear the box)
8/6 Calories on Assault Bike

Partner A will complete 2 consecutive rounds, partner B will be complete 2 consecutive rounds, until 12 rounds have been completed, then for the remaining 8, switch after doing single rounds.

*Optional* and performed on your own post workout
Guns and Buns
100 hammer curls (100 per arm)
100 split squats w DBs in farmers carry

Partition the reps as needed.

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