Wednesday, January 6, 2021

A few people have asked me what is up with the beef between Rich Froning and Mat Fraser, so I will share the podcast in which it was discussed. The video above is Part 2 of of the podcast. You can find Part 1 on youtube. The entire interview is worth the listen, but the juicy drama starts at minute 43:00. Dave Castro and Josh Bridges are organizing a boxing match…it only seems fair to add Rich and Mat to the bout. Who ya got??? I feel like a giddy lil drama queen sharing their childish fight, but since I’m a CF nerd, its entertaining! 

Oh, and good luck with the workout today, as it’s gonna be a doozy! A fun one tho!

Workout of the Day

Repeat from 2019

Every minute, for 30 minutes (10 rounds):
Min 1: Complete 1 round of “DT”
Min 2: 15 Toes to Bar
Min 3: Rest

One round of DT is
12 Deadlifts + 9 Hang Power Cleans + 6 Shoulder to Overhead

Hat tip to CrossFit Chalk for the workout

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