Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Workout of the Day

Handstand Push-ups
Every minute, for 12 minutes, complete:
1 unbroken set of strict handstand push-ups

Scaling options:
1) reduce the range of motion by putting a pillow or something similar and soft under your head
2) kip up, but focus on a slow eccentric (lowering) of the movement
3) hold a handstand hold against the wall without doing any HS push ups
4) pike push-ups
5) push-ups

For 15 minutes, complete the following (4 rounds)
Min 1) dips*
Min 2) double-unders**
Min 3) no push, no jump burpee***
Min 4) REST

* for these dips, you can use a two chairs side by side, a lower table, a couch, etc. Please check out the video I will post on CFF Community Page for a demo.

**If you don’t have a jump rope, let me know. I have a bunch at the gym that I can donate to you. Gotta have a rope! But for today, you can do Double-Taps or Jumping Jacks 

***Go fast on these no push no jump burpees! This is the movement that’ll get that heart pumping!

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