Wednesday, March 25, 2020 – Quarantine Day 3

IT’S NOT SUPPOSED TO RAIN TODAY!!! Incredible. It’ll still probably be grey and depressing, but at least no rain. I have truly forgotten what sunshine looks like and when I finally get to experience the feeling of the sun hitting my skin once again, it will be heavenly.

No rain also means…RUNNING!

AMRAP in 30 minutes of:
400m Run*
then, complete 2 rounds of:
12 alt jumping lunges
9 v-ups
6/5 strict handstand push-ups

You can use the website (big fan of this site, been using it for like 13 years) to map out exactly 400m (remember you’re gonna wanna go out 200m and when you return from that 200m mark, it will be 400m), or you can guestimate. If 400m usually takes you 2 minutes, run away from your starting spot for 1 minute and then turn around and run back.

After just a couple minutes of rest:
1 mile cool down jog, slow and steady

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