Saturday, October 5, 2019

REMINDER: Sunday we take on the HERO Workout “Aeres” dedicated to those lost on a mission Coach Bob was on.
Please be there at 10:00 AM sharp to hear the story and to get the briefing on the format of the workout.

Oh, and sign up for the Open

Workout of the Day

In teams of two:
AMRAP in 24 minutes of:
6 devil thrusters
9 chest to bar pull-ups
12 db front rack lunges
15 box jump overs
18 kettlebell swings or snatches 

Rx+ 50s/35s, 6 ring MU, 1 arm OH and 1 on shoulder (switch arms after 6 reps), 24/20, 62/44 kb snatch 
Partners will alternate movements.
Partner A does devil thrusters, Partner B does pull-ups, partner A does lunges, partner B does box jumps, Partner A does kettlebell swings, then Partner B does devil thrusters, etc. 
Or, working solo, complete the above and then rest 90-120 seconds after each round. 

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