Friday, March 28, 2014


Workout of the Day

Max Out Friday!
Push Press 5 x 60%, 3 x 70%, 2 x 80%, 2 x 90%, 1 x 95%, 1 x 100%, 1 x 103-105%

3 Rounds for time of:
30 Wall-Balls (20 / 14)
20 Toes to Bar

Compare results to 11/19/2013

ONE MORE OPEN WORKOUT! Whether you’re sitting in 50,000th place or 500th place, LET’S FINISH STRONG! 

Open Athletes:
If you’re doing 14.5 Saturday morning, it may be wise to take it easy today, so the following is an option:

Active Recovery Day
Row or Airdyne for 12-15 minutes
Keep the pace around 65-75% effort – enough to get out of breath and get the heart pumping moderately fast.  You should feel energized and revived after this, not drained.


Pick 3-5 drills from Becoming a Supple Leopard or  Kelly Starrett’s YouTube page and spend 10-15 minutes working on your thoracic and hip/lower body mobility.

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