Monday, July 29, 2013



Workout of the Day

Back squat 5 x 3 (5 – 10 lbs heavier than the last time done)
Press 5 x 3 (2.5 – 5 lbs heavier than the last time done)
This is the last week of our 8-week linear squat and press strength cycle. Because we have been increasing the load by 5 to 10 lbs (2.5 – 5 lbs for the press) every week for eight weeks, the weight today will be heavy – depending on how often you came on the squat and press day in the past two months, you should be at around 90% of your current 1 RM. Be sure to ask for a spotter if your squat is feeling really heavy. Safety first! Next week we will once again test your 1 rep max for both movements. Can’t wait for the new PRs!

Complete the following for time:
35 Burpees
90 Thrusters (45 / 35)
35 Burpees
*If you choose to use an empty barbell for the thrusters, please don’t drop it. Thank you. 
***15 minute cap***

How about those CrossFit Games, eh? Looks like my predictions were right. Rich Froning and Samantha Briggs are the two fittest people on earth. Can’t wait to try to some of the workouts they programmed at the games! Let me know who has a chainsaw so we can make that wooden light post in the parking lot into “the Worm”. What a great toy of torture that would be!

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