Thursday, July 25, 2013

They say it's better to live like a farmer than bartender.

They say it’s better to live like a farmer than a bartender.

Workout of the Day

Overhead squat 5-5-5-5-5
Find your 5 rep max OHS

Complete the following for time:
40 Front squats (135 / 95)
60 Pull-ups
800 m run

I’ve mentioned this to some of you at the gym, but I’d like to make sure everyone knows about this. There is a competition coming up in October – the 19th and 20th – called the Scary Strong Games. It is a two day individual competition. There will be both Rx and Scaled divisions. This is the 2nd annual Scary Strong Games. Proceeds benefit Steve’s Club Nashville which provides at-risk youth nutrition and fitness guidance.  The last one was held on a weekend that Katelyn and I went to get our USA – Weightlifting certificates, so we were forced to miss it; however, we did get back to Nashville before it ended so we were able to catch the back end of the competition. All of our friends who competed and everyone we talked to agreed that it was a very well organized and fun competition. I’m trying to get as many of you to sign up as I can.  I’m pumped about this. Registration begins next week. 

CrossFit Games are live!

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