Friday, June 21, 2013

Nancy hitting a new front squat PR

Nancy hitting a new front squat PR

Workout of the Day

Take 15 minute to build up to a heavy split jerk from the racks

3 min AMRAP of Ketllebell swings ( 53 / 35 lbs)
1 min rest
3 min AMRAP of Push presses (45 / 35 lbs)
1 min rest
3 min AMRAP of Jumping back squats (45 / 35 lbs)
1 min rest
3 min AMRAP of 10 m shuttle sprints

Your score will be the total number of reps completed for each exercise. Make sure to jot down your reps between each AMRAP. Also, the 10 m shuttle sprint will be in the part of the parking lot outside of the dock doors, so please remember not to park there. And if you use an empty barbell for the push presses and jumping squats, please do not drop them! Thanks!

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Where to land on your split jerk:

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